Roger Golubski and Donald Trump: Where There is Smoke There is Fire

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Where There is Smoke There is Fire, Plus the Duck is Quacking Very Loud.

What does former KCKS Detective Golubski and Trump have in common?

First up let’s take a look at Former Kansas City, Kansas Detective Roger Golubski.

Golubski was discovered as the police official which wrongfully charged and aided in the Lamonte McIntyre conviction for a double murder he did not commit and his subsequent 23-year imprisonment. Golubski has invoked the fifth amendment over 500 times.

Recent Observations and Headlines

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Court DENIES IMMUNITY after Officer Obtains 23-year False Conviction

Roger Golubski and Donald Trump possess similar conjoining abilities escaping accountability for highly questionable behavior. Both men are protected by white supremist tenets woven in the American justice system.

Trump can grab women on their genitals while Golubski actually has imposed coutous with Black females in exchange for dropped bogus criminal charges.

Trump and Kansas detective share an infinity for abuse of power and blatant fabrications.

Trump and Golubski have an affinity for using their positions to wrongfully punish Black men and women without fear of judicial prosecution or reprisal.

Trump’s Central Park Five Response

Trumpism has so many disillusioned with the “Big Lie” on the stole election propaganda, that no matter the evidence, a broad swath of the American electorate continue to drink his toxic political brew.
Trump’s ‘Attempted Coup’: Bombshell Evidence Reveals How Close Trump Came To Overthrowing Democracy

America’s deliverance of true equality for all falls short, especially when it comes to the African-American collective. The smirk faces depicting the Golubskis’ and Trumps’ of America continue to show the contempt toward Blacks wanting to put Blacks back “in their place”.


If Blacks allow the upcoming 2022 midterms to be handed back the majority in both chambers of Congress to the Republicans, Blacks should be ready for further oppressive and demeaning impositions. InnerKwest®

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