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InnerKwest™ is a media platform addressing the African-American community from a global perspective. Our writers and crowd reporters contribute on a gamut of issues and chronicles of African-Americans, both domestic and international. We engage historical passages, present day ideologies, and future endeavors pursuant to progressive African-American agendas.

Recent events have opened the scabbed wound of the American tectonic sin of slavery with the horrific use of “curtains up”, police excessive-force, against unarmed African-Americans. This on-going deluge of deadly, biased treatment has triggered a movement across the total spectrum of American society and European nations. InnerKwest‘s growing network of crowd reporters stream coverage of related events from most major cities globally.

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InnerKwest™ is a community sentinel. Although our narratives take on a creative style, delivering the issues, we make every effort to speak truth to power. We need and expect viewership participation from the African-American community and those that celebrate the culture. No matter what differences the community may have internally, this is the platform to air those differences. NOT FACEBOOK NOR TWITTER. InnerKwest™ has the African-American community’s interest in full regard and is unabashedly wholly owned by African-Americans. Sitting on the sideline is no-longer an option. In essence, this platform is YOURS to help succeed or FAIL. We will not capitulate to the latter.


Right here is where everyone will find some retrospect of their generational entrapment. Politics, race, religion, sports, music, relationships and more is the fodder for our expressive style of opinion, narrative, ideas, and solutions.
To be clear, our purposeful intent is not to relent to a sheepish or cowed demeanor, but boldly articulate what many are reluctant to publicly examine out of fear of communal backlash or some black disobedience syndrome. We do fully intend to challenge mainstream thought with brevity. Stay tuned, comment, tell a friend, and visit often.

As Facebook grows more Orwellian, independent platforms such as InnerKwest™ provide a haven of checks and balances for uncensored freedom of expression. The social media giants have joined the ranks of Wall-Street cultural as being “Too Big To Fail”, until they do.
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InnerKwest™ will continually and conscientiously resonate a message of unity. We will not relent, digress, or vary from that message to any degree. Please sign-in below to leave questions or comments.
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