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Life Necessitates The Essential Workers. A No Equivocation, No-Brainer

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May 16, 2020 AM

Essential workers were asked to brave the front line elements and risk their bodies while societies worldwide sheltered at home hoping to limit exposure to a raging coronavirus pandemic. Life’s survival has been dependent on essential workers being on the front line to help contain the pandemic. The fast food lanes looked as though food rationing had began.

America previously had a problem with fast food workers asking for $15.00 an hour. Now they have proven their worth far beyond a $10.00 an hour ceiling. America quickly divvied up $2.2T for the CARE ACT with another $3T in conference before the Senate. Don’t expect any essential worker not to expect their re-evaluated compensatory value actuated going forward. They also must assess their risk exposure and factor a risk management strategy. Many essential workers have families relying on them with similar responsibilities as remote workers.

Ending Jim Crow in America’s Restaurants: Racial and Gender Occupational Segregation in the Restaurant Industry

Jim Crow laws were state and local laws regulating racial segregation in public and private spaces (public accommodations) in the US South. Discrimination in public accommodations was finally outlawed with the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While Jim Crow regulated the enforced separation between white and African American patrons in restaurants, today we largely find that restaurant workers are effectively segregated by race and gender by a partition between livable-wage server and bartender positions and poverty wage busser, runner, and kitchen positions, and between limited service (fast food), full service casual, and full service fine-dining restaurants.

White males appear to be afforded the opportunity to work in the highest paying, most exclusive bartender and server positions in fine-dining restaurants; women, in general, appear channeled towards lower paying positions in casual full-service restaurants; while Latinos and African Americans seem largely channeled to lower paying busser, runner, or kitchen positions in full service restaurants and to limited-service, fast food establishments.2 Women of color see the largest impact of such segregation on their wages, while African Americans, in many locations, are largely excluded from participation in the most lucrative segments of the industry.3,4 It is time to end the occupational Jim Crow that pervades the industry and ensure women and workers of color are provided genuine opportunities leading to equitable outcomes. READ MORE

A $2 dollar temporary pay increase is an insult to anyone deemed essential. This pandemic will have a lasting effect on society. Spending patterns, habits, and tabulations are changing throughout all industries.

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Food delivery services have taken the veil off the food service industry’s claim of thin margins. Recently some cities have capped the percentage food delivery services such as Postmates, Door Dash, and Euber Eats can charge, because of the significant increase in business and possible gouging during the pandemic. The restaurants complained before the caps were imposed by the cities, but until then they paid for the delivery services what was contracted.

The bottom-line is the food industry will have to charge slightly more for their products. Please know these big fast food operators did not make it on the NASDAQ board by not making healthy profits. Workers must be paid so they too can afford to buy stock in the company which they work. Workers are not slaves. Their worker productivity provides CEOs’ incomes at 200x-2000x the average worker of the company. That’s a fxxxxxg shame before GOD.

All essential workers must be treated with respect and paid to reflect their essential productivity output and occupational risk. There is nothing fiscally capricious about paying a livable wage.
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