Welcome to a new pathway in social media digital platforms. Khaunda is the latest social media platform developed and launched by WittYou Technologies.
Khaunda is an American microblogging and social networking service.
Khaunda is similar to Twitter, in that it limits the character length of a post or what we reference as a “blow” and “re-blow” to 1280 characters.

Why do we reference our posts a “blow”?
Khaunda regards the African Elephant’s powerful cognitive communication skills when blowing its trumpet, as symbolic to Khaunda users’ ability to express him or herself effectively on the Khaunda platform.

Just as the elephant “blows” its trumpet, you now can convey your thoughts and expressions through a “blow” and “re-blow” on
For those that are “woke”, please understand the gravity of the WittYou Technologies social media platforms. Khaunda is a community contributory asset.
Khaunda is pronounced the same as the last two syllables of Wakanda: WA-KAN-DA.
Khaunda is the new pathway on the social mediascape. Register or Login at

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