Fourth of July Buffoonery

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July 2020

To Americans willing to turn a blind eye, for others that allow their silence as an affirmation, and further, those that have participated in the misguidance of the buffoon elected president, the present manifestations of malfeasance politics is chilling. Make no mistake, this present era of blatant racism and state sponsored fascism is evident to those that require a reality check.

The majority of the GOP is either grabbing every available tangible possible, attempting to hedge their bet the head buffoon may not get re-elected. Their action or inactions suggest a fear they too may be taken down with him. The head buffoon has totally abandoned every reasonable call for leadership. Trump prefers to golf frequently, sustain a three year political campaign, stage a senseless Mt. Rushmore fireworks display, and choreograph events that rally his core base of supporters. All of this buffoonery has generated a declaration response from European allies refusing to allow Americans entry into their country.

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Whom else but a buffoon would pull out of the World Health Organization (WHO) especially during a global health crisis. Words cannot explain why the head buffoon did not put Putin in check about the accusations of Russia bounties on American and European soldiers in Afghanistan.

The head buffoon has multiples cadres of subordinates such as Mitch McConnell, William Barr, Pence, Mnuchin, Pompeo, DeVos, Ross, and others that allow this embarrassment to the oval office free reign to dismantle this Democracy built on the backs of previous administrations.

When the day or reckoning finally makes it to the alter for all to view, may they all be given the same degree of calamitous infliction they cast on many of this country’s citizenry.

Tim Scott plays the game as a token Negro for the GOP with a smoke and mirror police reform bill that simply does nothing to address real reform. Since the George Floyd aftershock awakening, police have continued to shoot and kill unarmed Blacks. Police have been caught mimicking choke-holds that have left innocent Black people dead. The head Buffoon has even celebrated white power diatribes by white nationalist.

4th July Celebration?

In all reality, I must ask myself, what does the 4th of July represent for me as a Black man? First, allow me to digress just one moment. When I travel to Europe, Italy, specifically, the natives loathe Mussolini. Mussolini allowed the decapitation of Italy for no other reason than his ego. He joined with Hitler in Germany to prop him up. Little did he realize Germany, although ruthlessly smart, was on less than shaky moral ground. Stalin on the other hand had a secret pact with Hitler. Now back to my question about what the 4th of July means to me and my culture. On July 41776, the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England. Slavery was well into its second century. My forefathers were paving the way for a New America whose future would be compared to any of the empires of yesteryear and for good reason. African empires laid the cornerstone for math, engineering, war colleges, the humanities, science, god theorem, and every other element projecting empires as fearless forces also referred to as super powers.

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Now tell me how should I factor the 4th of July into my acknowledgments? One last thought. Americans traditionally use fireworks as re-enactment of something most American civilians have never experienced. You might ask what that is. My answer is, actual bombs going off and bullets whizzing past your heads like they have in most of Europe. When a boom sound is heard in Belfast, Serbia, and other eastern block countries in Europe, it can be unsettling, because not long ago war machines were skirmishing through their neighborhoods.

If we are not more guarded with our rights, our liberties may demand defending with deadly booms that are as real as the $200.00 Jordan, Air shoes you just bought your 12 year old child or grandchild. We must unite against the buffoons now running our government or be prepared for the unthinkable.InnerKwest®

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