Bishop Ervin Sims Jr: In Retrospect

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January 14, 2019

Bishop Ervin Sims Jr: A Kansas based community leader, spiritual counselor, and businessman was recently laid to rest today in Kansas City, Kansas. The characteristic of a good leader embellish several qualities which Sims possessed, nurtured, and grew. I witnessed his obvious vision and his practice of intricate planning and execution. With all sizable visions come the effort, reliance, and advocacy of others willing to expedite mission critical tasks of targeted projects to completion.

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African-Americans and the Culture

My wife, Marie Frasure was that advocate and executive operative that partnered with and assisted Sims implementing many of his vision objectives and subsequent missions. While accruing decades of national board presence on Bread for The World, receiving congressional appointments to the full congress, to the personal relationships of both Republican and Democrat legislators, Marie maneuvered and rallied her accomplishments selflessly as an influencer on local, national, and global stages.

Marie found herself as the wheels down leader plowing the way for seeds to be planted in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, as well as the United States. To Sims credit, he identified and valued the Lieutenant General qualities Marie commanded. As Emmanuel Cleaver, Jan Meyers, Nancy Kassebaum, Robert Dole, Hilary Clinton, Bishop Tutu, Makie Mandala, George Clooney, Richard Branson, Bono, Bernard Shaw (CNN), Loren Halifax (Fox4 KC), Chris Tucker, and more have attributed Marie’s professionalism and tireless advocacy in diverse venues and gave a voice to numerous legislative initiatives.

Marie headed up projects benefiting and impacting thousands of children and families not only in Kansas City, but again on a national and global scale. Marie answered the call to the needs of her local church by directing aggressive mission-critical outreach undertakings’. Those familiar with the breath and reach of Marie’s influence continue to seek her lobby and consul. To date, Marie continues to effect positive change wherever the landing gear may touchdown.


As Marie Frasure gradually absorbs the loss of a friend, pastor, and fellow community leader, she too must allow time to heal from the loss. The community now has the benefit of tracing and retracing the legacy breadcrumbs of Bishop Ervin Sims Jr’s tireless efforts left from which generations may chronicle, follow suit, plan forward, and engage.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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