Bernie’s Looking Better and Better By The Hour

Bernie Sanders is looking better and better by the hour. I have no allegiance to Biden or Bernie, but Biden appears more worn than Trump. Bernie stood up for working class people on the stimulus package. Bernie should stay in the race because of unfolding events challenging the election dynamics. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. At present the fat lady has not been tested for coronavirus.


Republicans are using the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to do the same thing they did during the financial meltdown of 2008: wage class war against working Americans. This time, Bernie Sanders is refusing to let them get away with it.

Bernie Sanders’s moral outrage and devastating sarcasm struck back against a GOP assault on poor and low-income workers. 

Employing a combination of moral outrage and devastating sarcasm, the Vermont senator shamed Republicans in a Wednesday Senate floor speech that ripped into them for prioritizing corporate bailouts while objecting to providing a measure of security for low-wage workers who have lost their jobs as much of the American economy has ground to a near halt.

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“How absurd and wrong is that? What kind of value system is that?” demanded Sanders, as he railed against a Republican amendment that would have constrained benefits at a time when the unemployment rate is skyrocketing. Even in the midst of the crisis, the senator thundered, “Some of my Republican friends have still not given up on the need to punish the poor and working people.”

The Clock is Running Down

Now it appears the Biden opposition may have dug up or manufactured a sexual harassment accusation against Biden.

The Headlines Read: Joe Biden Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Senate Aide In 1993

Timing is everything. Democrats are already suffering from infighting and now the supposed majority favorite(Biden) among black voters must face a sexual accusation narrative. Does the accuser have a leg to stand on? Who knows, but this can’t help the Biden camp and I don’t know if he can take the additional pressure. He looks frail. They all do. They all are aged white men way past their prime. Bernie looks the best compared to Trump and Biden. Although Bernie had heart surgery last year he appears vibrant and lucid.


Jesse Jackson had a child out of wedlock in 2001 and numerous other politicians, celebrities, preachers, priests, and more had their sexual indiscretions exposed on the public square. I suppose in certain circumstances you just can’t expect “Catherine and Richard” not to embrace each other, no matter the inappropriateness. Moving on.

There is no perfect world, nor is there a perfect candidate for president, but I am biased against aged white men. Not all, but most have a track record unworthy of the office of president. America is past due for a woman president. The men have kept us in wars’ and have less empathy and compassion for those less fortunate in my observation.


We will have to see what rabbits they pull out of the hat on the Biden saga. I hope his hands aren’t too dirty. Otherwise, #heetoo will be in the cross-hairs of #metoo and what a shame that would be possibly giving Trump the edge once again.James Frasure's InnerKwest®


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