Gentrification and Affordable Housing Can and Must Coexist

Politicians have given city planners a green light to do what they do without factoring serious consideration of the collateral damage to neighborhoods and families. Make no doubt about it, this about real estate and land grabbing. As my contemporaries say, “You can’t get hurt with dirt”. Minimal checks and balances give way to developers for maximum ROI (return on investment). Neighborhoods and families are traded in for a landscape change benefiting the elite while imposing scathing negative effects on people less fortunate. Token appeasements is not the solution for those being forced out of well established communities and their traditional corridors of family values.

Gentrification seems stuck in the mindset that everything and everyone need get out of the way of the developer’s drive to further enrich itself. I am happy to report to the elite there is no such scribe placing greed as an ultimate solution while trampling on and destroying lives.

White flight to the suburbs left a vacuum for the remaining city dwellers of neighborhoods with families, jobs, and communities to fill.

When the middle and upper class left the cities, so did the supporting businesses, banks, and other vital infrastructure. Also, when the money left the urban core so did the political influence on city hall, with the governor’s mansion in tow.


“Estate” means “of the land.”
The term “Real Estate” first introduced in the 1660s. The term “Real” means “actual” (that are not fake) “genuine” and term “Estate” means the land. Real estate refers to the property consisting of houses or Land. It is a comprehensive version of one’s estate that consists of real property.


Increases in homelessness, substance abuse, and planned parenthood advocacy became embedded in the urban landscape.

After the 911 tragedy many people left the Eastern seaboard and relocated to the Midwest, South, Southeast and other inland locations. I am sure there are other reasons people left, but these are the reasons many of my associates and their constituents migrated to other landlocked states.


Gentrification has become the excuse to uproot and displace families, replacing them with upwardly mobile inhabitants. Urban planning can and must adopt inclusionary zoning as policy resulting in cities that allow all citizens to grow and enjoy a well rounded inclusive urban environment. It’s all about mindsets of reason and the will to accommodate everyone, not just the financially well heeled.

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Again, mindsets are driving the exclusionary attitudes in this latest rearrangement of property and land-use. Although African-Americans seem effected disproportionately, we can instill real change ourselves by investing in our neighborhoods before the developers attempt to uproot our communities.

Covering Quality of Life Issues Affecting
African-Americans and the Culture

When the topic of gentrification on social media is rendered, black people too often take a spectators position rather than a proactive position of advocating self-empowerment. We must remodel and build anew in the communities we were raised and our parents forwarded to their children. Too many times we do not value what is inherently ours until an outsider places value on it with attempts to force their way and will through imminent domain.

Real wealth can be developed in the places that gave birth to us. Don’t be mislead with narratives that promise nothing but moot conversations. Home is where the heart is. Home is your state, city, neighborhood, community and much more. Is home worthy of your investment capital?


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