Hiatus Status 2023: James Frasure

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

I have been on hiatus from contributing on InnerKwest since the death of my heartthrob, best friend, spiritual leader, business partner and wife Marie Frasure. She departed May 21, 2021 at 10:22 a.m..

James and Marie Frasure on a 3 week cruise

The grieving experience has been quantum traumatic of which I am still reeling. I am acutely aware of my never-ending spiritual attachment to her. Her physical detachment from my space has left a vacuum that sometimes is overwhelming.

In this post I will outline in no certain order what I will discuss in upcoming articles.

First, I must say that the last 24 months in America and around the world is truly showing signs of global unrest and ruthless aggression.

Also, I will not reference African-Americans as people of color. This people-of-color reference is yet another strategy to minimalize African-Americans in the United States.

Capitalization Capitalist

Sorry to say, but the capitalist capitalization on societies is nothing more than a powerful rouge action of greed. The food chain, healthcare, housing, energy and other essentials squeeze citizens to the point of strangulation.

Capitalism will be the subject matter of which I will give my thoughts.

Open Racism at its Finest

I am no longer surprised at the United States of America’s racial divide which looks like a racial canyon.

John 8:31-32  know the truth, and the truth will set you free

The truth in America in unwanted. As a matter of fact many influences have not only said phuk the truth, but have taken steps to mute and squash the truth by constructing what is called Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory

The Republicans constructed this as a political hot potato to gaslight their white undereducated, bigoted constituents. This newly constructed CRT asserts that slavery should not be referenced or studied in any educational curriculum. There was and still remains heart-wrenching acts of immoral brutality imposed on African-Americans. Republicans have started legislating these American history omissions into law.
As we get closer to what the extremist really want which is a constitution convention, we will see America come even closer to straight out civil war once again.
I will give my views in-depth in 2023 on this latest assault on my facts vs truth opines.

White Christianity vs Black Christianity

To put things in a historical context, white Christians are war mongers. If things don’t favor them they fight to the death by any means necessary. From the Roman empire, to the Crusades, all the way to the IRA in Northern Ireland, European white’s views of organized religion is unbelievably violent.
From my perspective, African-Americans just want to get along (to their historically proven demise) by any means necessary.
Again, I will deep dive into this historical truth.

Jews are a Religion

By and large the skin color recognition of Jews in America and Europe is undeniably without much melanin. Unless they tell you they are Jewish you will not know and I am good with that.

The Jewish model as a people is a proven model that works for its people to maintain family ties, generate wealth, retain wealth and build monumental legacies that benefit their people. And again, I am not mad with them. Too bad the African-American collective was bred to be led as we are shown every day for the last 418 years. Is the African-American subservient mindset encoded in its DNA?

For those African-Americans that have claimed to have made it just look in their medicine cabinet to discover the price of their so called success.

African-American Assimilation

African-Americans want to assimilate in a society the majority populous has rejected even with all the evidence of cross breeding. Beyonce’s physical description is that of a caucasian girl or a bleached Latino with a dark tan. Black skin is increasingly becoming rare. George Floyd and all the closely related murderous assaults in the last three years did not happen to many light complexion African-Americans.

Extreme Politics

This Trump era in politics has kicked the front door in on America’s true political mooring. The days of being a closet bigot is over. Euro-Americans are no longer embarrassed of their white privileges’ obtained through the demise of another person. If anything, they now glorify the imposition of yesteryear’s institutional slavery and today’s passive slavery and apartheid in present day America.

In closing, throughout 2023 I will explore these subjects and more once I get back in the swing of things. I ask for the prayers of the saints as the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.InnerKwest®

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