Voter Suppression Targeting African American Voters

Voter suppression is actively aggressive on a mission targeting African American voters.

African Americans historically have been forced to use the vote as a leveraging factor for a wide range of issues which are rarely addressed post elections by either Republicans or Democrats.

The only clear rode to addressing African American issues is for the collective to be self-determined to address all issues from within. A unification must be developed and adhered. Presently too Blacks do not feel a need to embrace each other, until the system reminds them of their place.

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The only route for the African American parity and respect is a solid block of unity. Filtering out any and every entity that is not part of the collective is imperative.

Until every product and service that the collective consumes in mass is majority owned by Blacks, America will continue to kill Blacks with impunity, financial institutions will not give on par service, and all around disrespect will not change.

Voting is important and we must all exercise that hard fought right, but to expect grandiose change through voting alone has proven to be a historical misnomer.

We must generate and contain positive economic capital within Black communities. Relying on others has come to an end. Tolerance by definition is temporary and sometimes leads to built up anguish with catastrophic endings. Assimilation has proven to be a one-way proposition for Blacks to gravitate toward whiteness. That attempt in and of itself is a self depletion of worth.

Politicians, bankers, realtors, and businesses look toward African Americans as an economic and political utilitarian, only good for sustaining the majority’s status quo wealth, military, and political posture.

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Until Blacks stop using the convenience factor as an excuse, African American life in America will be further diminished to be irrelevant.

African Americans use brand names for personal identity and self worth. Gucci, Nike, Rolex, IPhone, Albertson, Kroger, Louis Vuitton, and other big brands contribute little to closing the great wealth-gap Blacks have found themselves trapped for over 401 years.

Along with the Black accomplishments in academia must be a mindset of self-determination, self-love and self-promotion.

One major reason Blacks seem economically anemic is the convenience factor of doing business with their own. Non-Black competition has over a 300 year head start and thus far voting has little impact on changing that dynamic. Because of the nature of business, the competition is not going shoot itself in the foot by admitting they are generational bloody hand benefactors.

All Skin-folk are not Kin-folk

As usual there are those that appear Black, but present agendas contrary to the Black community’s needs. Remember, “All skin-folks are not kin-folks”.

African Americans, no matter their perceived status, must have a paradigm shift mindset to gain true freedom and rise out of centuries of stressful, false narratives that appease and reward non-Blacks in every segment.

Entities which manufacture and distribute physical (drugs), mental (destructive lyrics), and spiritual POISON must be discarded NOW!

If those token opportunistic, community trojans are not identified and eliminated, our future generations are on track for annihilation and total disregard. To be Black as we know will no longer be sustainable.

Time to create your own and embrace your own. There must be unity in the community NOW!

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