This is Not a Test. This is a Movement Not a Moment

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July 15, 2020 AM

We have approached the middle of another month since the realization of a pandemic and a hyper awareness for massive change across the American spectrum. This is not a test and the American establishment is looking. What they see right now does not bode well with their historical agenda of maintaining system line items that continue to keep Blacks in their place. There are calls from the top of local, state, and federal government to distract from actions that bring a halt to the perpetual entrapment that essentially place Blacks as economic utilitarian. In other words, massive/passive economic slaves. No matter your earnings, whether 6 figures up or down you are still constitutionally Three-Fifths until proven otherwise.

As #BlackOutAmericaMovement gets closer to the test we will be revealing in the upcoming weeks, please take the time to reflect on what your ancestors went through to get us at the point we find ourselves today. Ok, ok, ok, ….you built a house in an integrated suburb or not. You drive a German car or a well-heeled Asian brand. You have hobbies and your children/grandchildren are in decent schools. With all of those attainments you still must watch your step in town and when traveling out of town. You still must have “The Talk” with your children to cower down when approached by law-enforcement. It’s common knowledge stress kills by attacking the immune system. What does your medicine cabinet have under lock and key?

This is a Movement
Not a Moment

I will close here, this Wednesday morning, but please stay aware and vigilant to the movement. Since this is a movement and NOT A MOMENT, we should be in constant motion of #BlackOutAmericaMovement. Major announcements that will test the African American will for a paradigm shift in mindsets, translated into action is fast approaching. As always, ask your friends, family, and associates to join this movement.InnerKwest®

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