Matt Shea

Christianity Today Editor Calls for Trump Removal

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“Now Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke it”

My grandfather Zebedee smoked. He had a can of Prince Albert tobacco and some OCB papers which he would roll a cigarette, plus clutch and shift while driving. While he shared his wisdom with me, my cousins, uncles, and friends, he would preference his wisdom or amazement with the adage, “Put this in you pipe and smoke it”.

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Here is something we should put in our pipe and smoke. One of this morning’s headlines reads: “Washington state lawmaker accused of “domestic terrorism” refuses to resign”. That’s right!

Representative Matt Shea, a Republican from Spokane Valley in eastern Washington, traveled throughout the West meeting with far-right extremist groups, condoned intimidating opponents and promoted militia training by the Patriot Movement for possible armed conflict with law enforcement. 

Shea was suspended from the state House Republican Caucus Thursday evening(12/19/19), advised by members of both parties to resign and will be removed from his committee assignments.
Did you put that in your pipe and get the essence of this revelation? I did, and I also “put it out there for the goats to get it”. Trump & company have emboldened these stooges to political violence without consequences. We now have confirmed domestic terrorists in government. I will tell you like Bush told Americans after the 911 bombings. Be alert. If you see something, tell somebody. I will elaborate on the somebody at a different time. For now empty your pipe and put a little honey in the pipe bowl in preparation for future use. James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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