Clearview AI Billions of Photos Stolen

The progression of technology is part of the human natural gravitation. To stop the need of advancement would be diagnosed as some type of mutation. The question always becomes the control element of rapid progress.

Stolen data is always a security threat. The breach of data is now a day to day occurrence. The size of breaches has grown from megabytes to gigabytes to terabyte to finally to petabytes(1= 1024 terabytes).

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With that introduction comes the latest data breach of the company Clearview AI (Artificial Intelligence) of billions of photos stolen. Clearview AI, a startup that compiles billions of photos for facial recognition technology is the latest causality of skillful hackers. Clearview contracts with local law enforcement with its facial application with claims law enforcement is its only customer.

Opponents of the technology say law enforcement with that type of application brings us closer to a big brother scenario with Orwellian traits. When you view such movies as Minority Report with Tom Cruise the reality is we are much closer to some of the attributes of the movie. The scene when Tom walks pass a store front and looks at the merchandise through the window and a chatbot calls his name has arrived. Facial recognition coupled with the present server data retrieval speeds are present day.

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The big social media platforms are the source from which most of these photos Clearview gained possession. With the advent of the smartphone and the selfie appetite, there is no limit for the use of this latest 21st century data commodity. Be selective with whom and where you store images, because once they are out of your control, they will be used as a data asset for someone other than the intended recipients.


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