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Noteworthy Insurrectionists Background Revelations Staggering

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Insurrection involvement by law-enforcement, firefighters, retired military, and other public service employees is revealing how they rely on a white privilege infrastructure built into the system which transposes their law breaking behavior and corrupt activities as allowable or quasi legal.

Claims of plausible deniability are now being touted in search for legal tunnels from which the mob may duck, dodge, and ultimately escape public scorn demanding justice be served with deliberate speed.

Many of those anarchist infractors are consumed in a belief they were doing and will continue down the path of insurrection because of the call to action POTUS herald publicly. The framers of the constitution made certain slaves and their decedents would be perpetual constitutional whipping horses, justifying any and all biases intentionally built into the framework of which the ReTrumplican apparatus takes full advantage.

Black Lives Matter Equivocation Fallacy

During the insurrection event January 6, 2021, the Black Lives Matter movement was disparaged in the most unequivocal of terms by those aiding and abetting the mob action. The gaping difference in BLM protest and the mob insurgency attack on the nation’s capital remains epic.


Trump’s DOJ welcomed law-enforcement heavy handed tactics on the international protest BLM movement participants.

Anarchist Mob Rollcall of Public Servants

The list of public servants serving as ready, will, and able to coalesce with a mindset determined to arrest the American republic democracy is growing faster a metastatic cancer.
Simultaneously a increasing “who’s who” list of names along with what Trump has labeled “embarrassing low-class”, forgot about class to come together and render the country’s surprise vulnerability. The mob’s mobility was cascaded as though mimicking a 500 year flood scenario or unannounced tsunami overwhelming critical fortification structures.

The growing list includes but not limited to:

  • Rocky Mount Police Sgt. T.J. Robertson and Officer Jacob Fracker stand in breached Capital building before a statue of John Stark, a Revolutionary War officer from New Hampshire. READ MORE
  • Americans Call for Full Investigation of GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert for Tweeting Pelosi’s Position During Riots. READ MORE
  • Off-duty police, firefighters under investigation in connection with U.S. Capitol riot. READ MORE
  • Seattle’s police department (SPD) said it also placed two officers on administrative leave while an investigation takes place into any role they may have played in the chaos that unfolded on the other side of the country.
  • Richard Barnett, a 60-year-old from Gravette, Arkansas, one of the individuals who entered the Capitol building to hunt down Pelosi, has been arrested, according to Justice Department officials. READ MORE 
  • Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Larry Rendall Brock Jr. Arrested, Charged in Capitol Riot. READ MORE
  • Derrick Evans, the West Virginia state lawmaker who was allegedly among the rioters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, has resigned. READ MORE
  • Officer resigns as Army investigates her involvement in Washington rally that led to U.S. Capitol riot. READ MORE
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The revelations manifesting from this insurrection strongly suggest many of the participants felt justified storming the capital to alert and alarm lawmakers of their displeasure on a number of issues. They also feel compelled to inject Black Lives Movement as a counter reason for their aggressive contempt. Historically efforts to minimize the BLM mantra include plagiarized attempts such as: Blue Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, and every other plagiarized “Lives Matter” known to man.

The country has been put on notice by several mouthpieces, these types of actions may formulate is states capitals as well. As America counts down to inaugural, America and the world anxiously awaits to repel other deplorable distractions.

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