Black Ownership is Key

Black business ownership and property acquisition is key to influence and inclusive power sharing of America with the African-American community.

Centuries of unwarranted disregard and disrespect have been repeated all the while devaluing accomplishments and patriotic contributions awarded America through the mental, spiritual, moral, and physical prowess of the Black American collective.

The time has arrived for egregious attitudes and actions to be reconciled while rapidly moving forward to embrace a reconstructive progression, resulting in a contemporary society with ageless principles.

The human experience reveals that everything is not for everybody, but Black ownership is essential at mandating substantive realities in economics, justice, healthcare, politics, and other essential elements of being a citizen of the United States of America.

In more concise terms, entrepreneurship is at the root of ownership. Who owns what, controls individuals and entities which manipulate Blacks as consumers, employees, citizens, and a gamut of Black utility intertwined throughout the spectrum of supply, demand, governance, and justice.

Black Ownership
Is Key

Greater Black ownership would also stifle the trickle down of dollars/euros/bitcoin to businesses and individuals that are a diametric factor influencing the demise of Black lives and Black cultural.

Larger numbers in Black ownership can insist on justice and reforms in all categories. Black ownership would also quell the political sensitivity that Blacks now find themselves on every legislative policy in conference for enactment.

With the right number of Black owners, politicians must yield to the concerns of Blacks or find themselves silenced and uprooted in the next election cycle. Owner constituents such as the Koch brothers, the NFL, and members of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) are queried by politicians before policy is made into law.

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Blacks are in a unique place and time, necessitating cohesive actions putting the status quo on notice a paradigm shift of the Black mindset is now in motion. More Blacks will enter into business once Blacks understand we must maintain a solid block of Black patronage or our future generations will see an accelerated rate of free fall failure as a community.

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Not only must future generations become more entrepreneurial, but guidance in career choices must go beyond sports and entertainment. Careers paths based on STEM skill-sets is mandatory in order to remain relevant and progressive toward generational wealth transfer to future generations.

The core message of Black unity, coupled with a magnetic binding that energizes the Black community to spiritually connect to one another by any means necessary will be a constant rallying cry of InnerKwest.InnerKwest®

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