Attorney Generals’ Wagons Circling Around Facebook

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

It appears the US government and a coalition of 48 states and districts have filed parallel lawsuits against Facebook in a major antitrust offensive that accused the social media behemoth of anticompetitive behavior and could ultimately force its breakup.

The allegations appear to have merit from all indicators defining a monopoly in a anti-trust class action. Industry wide Facebook has a reputation of being brutal against his competition. Upper management of Facebook takes no prisoners.

Facebook operates off a behemoth budget that allows purchasing capabilities which allow not know with any other social media company or media companies in general.

According to New York’s attorney general, Letitia James Facebook’s tactics stifle an atmosphere for others to compete without being targeted for purchase or annihilation.

Going into the new year (2021) the big high companies have legal challenges everyone knew was eventually going to hit U.S. courts.

Europe has been snipping at the heels of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google assessing fines and restrictions on privacy of the platforms’ users.

The Facebook lawsuit has Doordash and other application platforms standing on the sidelines with great apprehension they may be next.

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