The President Showcasing White Prerogative Center Stage

From the beginning of Trump’s run for president to what may be the last days of 4 years of daily Trump news in one form or the other, Trump and his cohort’s stand at the ready to flaunt their white privileges’.

Obama would have been impeached and found guilty if he were to challenge the law and democratic principles the Trump administration arrogantly employ without hesitance.

The latest “known unknown” is the Trump effort to make a pre-emptive pardon for himself and family before an admittance of guilt or trial to a crime yet to be discovered. This maneuver comes straight from the Tom Cruise movie ” Minority Report”. The Trumps’ apparently have a pre-cognitive ability to foresee a crime being committed or has yet to be uncovered.

So far it looks as though Donald may be able to pull the shenanigan off because of a 1866 SCOTUS ruling.

The Supreme Court said as far back as 1866 that the pardon power applies “to every offense known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment.”

That means a pardon can be issued before someone is investigated, charged or convicted.

This type of meandering should put African Americans on further notice. Those governing at the top can figure a pathway out before the crime is committed, sanctioned by, and upheld by the government.

Yet and still, with all of that political sewage, Trump not only has not conceded the election, but assures his base he or one of his children will run again in 2024. Again, the writer must implore to African Americans the need to Unite as a collective, which make Blacks less sensitive to the idiosyncrasy of a setting administration or political party.

The Trumps and crew have been intensely engaged in the dismantling of Democracy without challenge from the GOP constituents. Few Republican lawmakers went against Trump for fear he would unleash his 40% plus voter base to rid them from their office space on capital hill. They continue to be on-board the Trump Train to challenge the American democratic constitutional republic.InnerKwest®


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