Why Exactly

The Exactly Why Series

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest


The “Exactly Why Series” makes an attempt to identify mindsets and mind-traps associated with African American life in America. The series will traceback and examine the origins of many of mind-traps and mental mine fields. We will set out to discover how, why, and when the traps found cerebral residence.

The questions leading to the solutions will initially be posed as a “Why” interrogative. Why not, why so, why us, and why now? Enough time has elapsed without the needed progress guaranteed. African Americans must unite and re-direct capital and resources to support each within the collective.

We have found there is some good in bad situations. The Trump era overall was not the most positive experience for the Black corporate body in America, but his administration revealed the necessity of unification. Follow this series of narratives as we unfold through forensic analysis how to get to the American promise land.

The “Exactly Why Series” further challenges those self-destructive and non-productive mindset derivatives to be replaced and utilized into useful progressions that serve the African American collective.

The writer acknowledges this type self examination will not appeal to all African Americans for numerous reasons and we will identify those personality profiles and ask them “Why Exactly” they feel exempt from touching and agreeing with the collective.

The revelations of the 45th presidential administration opened many eyes to empirical evidence how many fellow Americans feel about their African American counter-parts.

This post serves as a preface in a series of soul searching viewpoints which hopefully will find common ground while trolling a vast landscape from which African Americans can touch and agree.

The time has arrived to the employ appendages promoting growth, transcending into intrinsic tangible values to be engaged in a collective power zone.

The reality of historical facts revealing perpetrations against progress still linger, but with the passing of time (401 years), Blacks must turn those experiences into wisdom and strength binding realities.

African Americans must be self serving and absolute in their resolve by redirecting their energy and resource inward to each other first and foremost as every other ethnicity and culture in America dutifully executes. Self-preservation is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves.InnerKwest®

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